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 class BulkObjectPusher
          This class implements a mechanism to send multiple objects that are stored in a java.util.Vector to safely transfer them to a remote device.
 class ObjectPusher
          This class is intended to be used to transfer a single object which implements IObexObjectPassing to a remote device which has an instance of ObjectReceiver running The transfer runns of in a separate thread.
 class ObjectReceiver
          This class should be used on the receiving side of the transfer.

Methods in with parameters of type Observable
 void BulkObjectPusher.update(Observable observable, java.lang.Object arg)
          This method causes this thread to send the next object by notifying the run method that the object in transfer has been sent.

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Methods in with parameters of type Observable
 void Observer.update(Observable observable, java.lang.Object arg)
          This method is called whenever the observable object changes, and has called notifyObservers.